Friday, December 28, 2012

Hive Five for Friday

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Happy Friday!  I still have a few days at home before I head back to work, and I'm milking them for all they're worth.  It's been pajama pants and leggings 'round here for more days than are appropriate. Yesterday, I did tell the kids that tomorrow (today) is the end of pajama days.  I think they were a little disappointed :P  This week has been amazing, and have zero Instagram pictures to prove it.  You know when you're having such an awesome time, you forget to take pictures.  Yeah, it's been like that this week.  In fact, I took less than 10 pictures on Christmas day.

Yesterday, I put together this collage of my favorites from this year.  Of course, I didn't include all my favorites.  I don't think Picmonkey makes a collage that big.  For the most part, I picked one outfit from each month.  To be honest, I've been super happy with my outfits as of late.  Thus, I picked three from December!  

In keeping with the High Five theme for today, these are my five favorite things that I received for Christmas:

1- My Matryoshka nesting doll measuring cups and spoons from my husband.
2- My really, really cute plastic lunch containers from my daughter.  They're nesting, too!
3- A book on backyard homesteading, also from my husband.
4- Tiny ceramic owls from my mom.
5- A ton (not literally) of lace weight yarn, also from my mom.

I'm linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk.

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  1. Stopping by from all of your outfits!! I think my favorites are June and December #1. Super cute!