Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reviews for you: Drive-by Samples

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I'm back today with another set of Drive-by Samples.  Let's get crack-a-lackin'!

Please excuse the messiness of that sample in the middle.  You might also feel this way, but I completely dislike packet-y style samples.  They are, obviously, so messy!

I have five samples today, but you can kind of only see four above.  There's another one hiding off there to the left that I'll talk about at the end.

Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer No. 1 - EvenSkin
Primers are only slightly new to me.  Prior to this year, I had only ever sampled two (Laura Geller and Smashbox).  Both of them made me curious to try more!  This sample was in a Target beauty sample pack, and I was extremely excited to try it.  I've tried a few things from Pixi and have been happy with all of them.

This primer is supposed to neutralize and even skin tone while providing it with a lustrous finish.  I can confirm that it does all three.  I was wearing it under my foundation in these pictures, and it gave my skin such a healthy glow.  This is important to me in the winter, because my already pale skin tends to look a little dull.  The price of this (and I've only found it through Target) is $29.00.  That was the only downside to me, since it's sold at Target and that is a place that I think of as offering drugstore prices.  I think that Pixi is bigger in the UK, since that's where it's based, and they actually have their own shops over there.  It's definitely on the higher end of drugstore, and my thrifty self is ashamed to say that I would pay the $29 for it.  It even trumps my beloved Laura Geller Spackle.

Exuviance CoverBlend Multi-Function Concealer SPF 15 in 40 Beige
I got this sample from Ulta when I placed an order, and I was curious to try a heavy duty concealer.  This particular brand was developed by dermatologists.  The idea behind this concealer is that it will conceal nearly anything while supplying the skin with anti-aging ingredients.  I can't speak to the angi-aging properties, since that's something that should really be tested long-term.  As for the concealing properties, it gets an A+ from me.  I have quite a bit of redness on both sides of my nose, on the "fronts" of my cheeks, and it made that area look even-toned.  It's another expensive product, at $22.  I don't think it's worth $22, but definitely worth a look if you're in need of a really great concealer.

fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum
Yet another sample from Sephora.  :)  I have combination/oily skin that looks oilier as the day goes on.  Obviously, this was another product I was excited to try.  First, the smell is weird.  It's not awful . . . it's just weird.  I can stand it, though.  Second, this did not mattify my face at all.  I didn't look any less oily on the days I wore this.  At $35 for 1 oz, this is a no-go for me.

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum
This product has a misleading name, in my opinion.  It's called a serum, but it's listed under the "makeup" section on Sephora.  It claims to naturally brighten the skin with Amazonian clay, vitamins, and tea extracts. "This healing clay completely neutralizes any negative skin condition so that you are left with a healthy, radiant complexion."  Quite high claims, don't you think?  I was actually really, really impressed with this.  It mattified my skin more than the fresh Serum (above) did.  It left my skin with a pretty, luminous glow, although it made my skin look the same way that the Pixi primer did.  So, if it were a toss up between this serum and the Pixi primer, I would still pick the Pixi primer.  The Tarte Serum is $32, and it's kind of on the edge for me.  If it had priming properties, it would DEFINITELY be a purchase for me.

And now for that poor little packet on the left side of the photo.

I've finally found a way to use up those packets in an efficient way.  Let me introduce you to this product first.

fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Cream
This eye cream is amazing.  Did you hear that?  I said amazing.  I have never used any moisturizer sample and seen such amazing results.  Okay, I'm done with saying that word.  Maybe.  AMAZING.

There.  Now I'm done.

This eye cream uses the antioxidant properties of black tea and put them in eye cream form.  It has a slight scent that my husband noticed a couple nights.  It smells just like black tea.  Now, I like love tea, especially black.  So, the smell doesn't bother me at all.  It claims to reduce wrinkles, increase hydration, and increase skin smoothness.  It most definitely did all three for me.  I don't have a ton of wrinkles, most laugh lines, but my concealer did not crease as much during the day.  When you apply, it feels refreshing.  Sort of cooling, but not ice-y.  Does that make sense?

Now, here's the kicker.  It's $65.  Yes, you read that right.  $65 dollahs.  No hollahs for those dollahs, am I right?  You're killing me, fresh!  (get it?  like 'you're killing me, smalls')  Ahh, anyways.  This definitely goes on my 'wish list' instead of my 'must have right now list.'

And here's how I like to use/store those packets:

As you saw above, I use a bobby pin to keep the packet closed and prevent the sample from drying.  But, the important part (and what I did not do with the Exuviance concealer), is cut the packet all the way across.  Then, as soon as you've cut it open, squeeze the sides so it will open up.  If the product is making the packet stick closed, slide your fingernail along the top to open it up.  Like so:

That way, the product will fall to the bottom and not sploosh out the top

And there we have it!  I hope you enjoyed this and either found a new product to try or found a product to . . . not try.  Okay!  Happy Tuesday!


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