Tuesday, December 11, 2012

R.I.P., gold ring. R.I.P.

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Button-up and sweater were thrifted, Pants were gifted, Necklace was purchased with gift card won in giveaway

I got the weirdest compliment on this outfit last week.  While I was in the line at Target, the lady checking me out said (1) that my outfit was cute and (2) was that something I just, like, put together?  Why, yes, yes I did put this outfit together . . . I highly doubt that I'm so well-dressed that I look like I have a stylist.  :P

In other news, I bought this ring last week and wore it  . . . and then it broke.  Seriously, I was fiddling with it, it fell of my finger, hit the floor, and broke.  It's still waiting for surgery, as I haven't had time to get my jewelry glue out yet.  Once it's fixed, you can bet your sweet bippy that you'll see it again.  I'm going through a "big ring" phase at the moment.

What's your favorite jewelry trend at the moment? 


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