Thursday, December 20, 2012

So over it

Dress and Cardigan thrifted, Snood purchased at Clothes Hound (Raleigh)

What am I over, you ask?  Cleaning the house!  Haha... just a week or two ago, I was so excited to clean the house from top to bottom after my classes were over.  And now I can't bare to spend one more second wiping down the table and counters or vacuuming or whatever.

I shall impart a bit of my parenting wisdom unto you now.*

The holidays aren't for having a clean house (mostly).  They're for spending time with your family and appreciating everything you have.  So, for the rest of our holiday season, I'm going to put down the sponge!  Put away the vacuum cleaner!  And sit down and play a game or five with the kids.  Or lay around and read books together.  Maybe take a walk or rake some leaves and jump in them.  And hold them so close they can't stand me :P  I haven't spoken with them about the Connecticut shooting, because they of course wouldn't understand.  Even at that, I can't bring myself to talk about it at all.  I can't imagine the pain of losing a baby so violently.  It's just too much to process.  I've been praying for the victims and the victims' families.  I hope they can find some semblance of peace during the holidays.  My babies won't understand why I'm holding them so tight, but I think we can all say that our loved ones will be loved just a bit more this year.
*just joking.  I don't have much parenting wisdom, haha!  Also, please excuse the crap photos.  It's been so rainy here, it's hard to get good pictures!

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