Monday, January 14, 2013

Arrrrr, matey!

Top, cardigan, and skirt were thrifted

I thrifted this striped top a while ago, but haven't worn it because the arm holes were too large.  Last week, I got up the courage to do a little refashioning and it turned out great!  Of course, I had to wear a sweater over it and now you can't see how well it fits.  But, rest assured!  It fits amazingly.  :)  And it makes me feel like a pirate.

Are you a refashioner of thrifted items?  When I go to Goodwill, there are always items that look a tad off to me.  Maybe they're too long or too wide or whatever, but it's kind of scary to start hacking and stitching and all that.  Tell me if you have any suggestions for refashioning! 

Aaand, it's Monday!  #YOLOMonday, that is!  I'm linking up with Carly and Molly.


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