Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crazy horseback riding cat lady

Top and sweater thrifted, Jeggings were gifted, Necklace was won in a giveaway

My goodness, do I look like a crazy cat lady . . . who's about to go horse back riding . . . on Halloween?  Ha..  Okay, anyways.

I don't have much to say about this outfit.  I wore this before our 15 for 15 remix and didn't get around to posting it until now.  This outfit feels versatile.  If I remember correctly, I wore this when we were running errands one Saturday.  If I wanted to use the shirt/sweater combo for work, I would put it either with a skirt or a pair of black pants and wedges.

This sweater surprises me every time I wear it.  I've never considered myself to be an 'orange' person, but here we have it.  I love it just a little bit more every time I pull it out of my closet.

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