Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Grey on grey

Top and skirt were thrifted, Belt came with a shirt

Grey is one of my favorite colors.  The first section of the sweater rack at Goodwill that I visit?  The grey section.  Follow by black, red, and prints.  I don't know why I've adopted this weird routine.

Actually, if we're going to expound on my Goodwill traditions, I start first with the skirts and then skip over to the sweaters.  Those two sections are always good to me.

Two things I am always sure to find when I go: a granny skirt that, no doubt, needs hemming and a grey sweater, most likely from LOFT.

What do you find when you go thrifting?

p.s.  I completely forgot to photograph my picks for this 15 for 15.  So, here it is: 6 bottoms (work pants, leggings, jeggings, 3 skirts), 6 tops, 3 pairs of shoes (boots, booties, wedges).

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