Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Kids

A Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Kids

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 I think the best part about Valentine's Day is surprising our kids with a little present.  If I could spoil them with all the presents in this board, I would!  But, for us one simple present and a little box of candy is perfect.  We are actually giving each of our boys the Q&A a Day journal.  I am so excited to do the 3-year journal with them.  We love Melisa & Doug stamps, too.  A couple Christmases ago, we bought a couple sets for the boys.  Perfect for rainy days when we can't go outside!  I threw an Oliver Jeffers in here, too, because they're awesome.  'Nuff said.  They will touch your heart and amuse your kids.  And, of course, what is Valentine's Day without chocolate?  Just any other day, I say.

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