Monday, February 11, 2013

Cold much?

Sweater, belt, and skirt were thrifted

 Another one from the archives.  It seems when I started this funny blog, I couldn't find the time to take photos.  Now I can't find the time to blog about all the photos we've been taking.  Funny how that happens.

I remember this day distinctly.  Because it was frackin' freazing.  It doesn't get that cold where I live.  But when it does, it doesn't stay cold for longAs a person and a blogger, this is good.  As a knitter, not so much.

You guys, we have a literal tub (a tub!) of all the neck knitwear I've made, and they don't get used as often as they should.  Usually, I have a good rotation.  This year, not so much.  The tub has barely been cracked open.  Perhaps I'll crack it open this week and air out all the pretties before they get put away for real good until next winter.

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