Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Time!

If you're a reader of Young House Love (or Bower Power . . . or The Remodeled Life . . . or Decor & The Dog), you'll know that they are hosting the Pinterest Challenge this week.  The point of the challenge is to stop pinning and start doing.  Being an avid pinterester, this excites me to no end.  I love Pinterest but sometimes I need a little motivational shove to get off the computer and start crafting.

I perused my craftiness board and settled on creating something inspired by this pin here.  A super simple necklace with a few colored wooden beads in the middle.  However, when I got to Michael's I (inevitably) got distracted and decided to make three.  :)

When I saw these silver rock beads, I knew this would be something I'd wear a lot.  Silver is my go-to jewelry color, so in my basket they went!

My original goal was to make one like the top necklace, and I'm super happy with it.  These colors are so pretty, I had to make a necklace with all the beads that came in that pack.

This is probably my favorite, surprisingly.  They remind me of sugar skulls, although these are definitely not as intricately decorated as sugar skulls usually are.  But, I like the simplistic design and color scheme.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Pinterest Challenge!  Do you like making jewelry?  This is the second time I've done jewelry for the Pinterest Challenge.

If you did the challenge, what did you create?

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