Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Purple, Grey, & Tan

Button-up was gifted, Belt came with a shirt, Cardigan and skirt were thrifted

Yesterday, I talked about spring.  Today, I look like an Easter egg.  You just never know what I'm gonna do.

Anyways.  So, Easter.  I am always excited for Easter.  It feels like the official start of warm weather, and I love doing crafty activities with the kids.  This year, I have an activity for myself.  My mom gave me an Ukrainian Easter egg decorating kit.  Yes, I realize this makes me sound about 5 years old.  But, it will be so much fun!  Ukrainian Easter eggs are known for being incredibly detailed and just so gorgeous.  

I'm pretty sure mine will actually look like a 5 year old decorated them, though, but here's to hoping!

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