Monday, February 4, 2013

Sweaters, (non) sickness, and #YOLOMonday

Button-up was thrifted, Shoes and sweater were gifted

I don't mean to jinx myself or my family, but this is the first Monday since some time in December that one or more of us haven't been sick.  Here's to hoping we keep it that way!

Moving right along.  This sweater is super special to me.  It is the first piece of clothing that my husband purchased for me, all on his own.  It was one of his gifts to me for Christmas, and I was so surprised when I opened it!  Not only was I touched that he thought I would like this (and was SO right), but I'd also been thinking about adding some patterned sweaters to my wardrobe.  I think this sweater is going to see a lot of wear.

Today, I'm linking up with Carly and Molly for #YOLOMonday!


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