Saturday, February 2, 2013



Button-up  /  Jeans  Sweater  /  Wedges  /  Tote  /  Bracelet

I have missed doing my weekend posts.  Living vicariously through mood boards is what I do best. Just joking.  It's just fun.  When I was younger, I wanted to be an interior designer (and somewhere, deep in my heart, still do) and I would rearrange the furniture in my room ad nauseum to get different looks.  Mood boards are that for me.

Anyways, the outfit.  I'm sort of obsessed with Aztec prints at the moment.  I know, way to be trendy.  Weren't Aztec prints so three months ago, or something?  As far as fashion goes, I'm usually last to jump on the band wagon.  Pantone predicts that 2013's color is emerald and I predict that I will love emerald in December 2013.

I keep crossing my fingers that I will a sweater similar to this at Goodwill, but let's be honest.  If I do, it's more likely to be a genuine Aztec sweater, complete with moth holes, than a Dorothy Perkins make.

What do you think about the open toe wedges?  Too early in February?    

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