Friday, March 15, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Sweater and pants were thrifted; Top was gifted; Necklace won in a giveaway

I was ever so kindly tagged by the lovely Kate to do the 5 Things tag.  Sharing is caring, and caring is love.  And oversharing is just more love, right?  So, here we go!

1 - I have lived five different states: Mississippi, New Hampshire, Florida, Alaska, and North Carolina.  We literally flip flopped between cold/warm climates.  My favorite?  It's a tie between Alaska and North Carolina.

2 - Chocolate and mint is my favorite flavor combination.

3 -  I once had someone do that pencil test thing on my wrist to see how many kids I would have.  Disclaimer: it's just fun.  I don't believe it.  However, it's been right so far.  Weird, right?  And for the record, it predicted: boy, boy, girl, boy, girl/boy twins, girl.  To make it even weirder, my husband had a dream before we got married that we had seven kids, there were more boys than girls, and there was a set of twins.  *cue the Twilight Zone theme song*

4 - I used to completely dislike the color red.  Now, I love it.

5 - I am a compulsive organizer of ALL TEH THINGS.  I can't sit down in the evening before, literally, the entire house is straightened up.  Some might consider this a gift, but most of the time I consider it a curse.  A coworker of mine walked into my office one day, looked at my desk, and said "You're a first born, right?"  "Um, yes... can you tell?"

And now I tag:

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I am linking up with Lauren on From my Grey Desk for High Five for Friday!

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