Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Kickin' Birthday Party

Back before I decided to take a break from blogging, we had a birthday party for our oldest son.  He turned six.  Six!!  That's nearly 10, which is nearly 18, which means he'll be in college before I know it.

I love making a big deal over our kids' birthday parties.  I have (almost) always made their cakes.  Amongst them have been a Bob the Builder construction site (complete with crushed oreos for dirt), a Spongebob pineapple house, a pirate ship, Gotham City, and now a soccer field.

In a post back in March, I mentioned that my friend Jacqueline took some awesome (AWESOME!!) pictures at the party.  Here's a very small sampling of my favorites.  Seriously, everything she took was amazing.  It was hard to limit the pictures for this post.  Having said that, I apologize for this picture dump.  I hope you don't mind!

The cake.

Balloons are always the best part.

Quite possibly the worst (looking) cupcakes.

The birthday boy.

I love this one.  This is serious bubble play, folks.

People always ask us if the boys are twins.  They're not, but the older they get the more they look alike!

Child modeling, anyone?  :P

She gets her fashion sense from me.

Pretty, pretty princess.  (just joking, she's one tough cookie)  But, raise your hand if you remember that game!

Cheese face!

Birthday boy.

Pinata time!

Cake time!

I love this shot.

Present time!  ... I guess I was mistaken in saying the balloons are the best part.  :P

I really wanted Jacqueline to take a family portrait while she was at the party, because almost all of our family portraits are taken during Christmas time.  This is a nice change from the our usual picture outfit color scheme.

Isabelle, Will, Liam, Me, and Ethan

Thanks for taking a look at our birthday pictures.  Jacqueline did such an amazing job!  I can't wait to have her at Ethan's party in June, which is going to be an Angry Birds theme.  She has an eye for what makes a beautiful photograph.  

Make sure to check out her photography blog!  She has a lot of pictures up of her travels and from when she lived in Thailand.

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