Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Sad Story, or One Way to Ruin a Skirt

Top and skirt were thrifted, Shoes won in a giveaway

 I have a sad story to tell you.  The short version is that I ruined this skirt after I wore it last week.  The long story is that I have two baskets for "special" laundry.  One is for hand wash items and the other is for dry clean.  This particular skirt happens to be dry clean only.  I'll let you guess in which basket I put it.  

>insert huge sad face<  

All the red flowers bled.  Now, it's not like there are streaks of red down the fabric of the skirt.  It's more like the red flowers are now just a little splotchy.  When I showed my husband, I asked him if it looked like it was messed up or if it looked like an artistic expression.  He said, "Ehh, it looks fine."

 I'll probably wear it again and ask every one I see that particular day if they notice anything wrong with the skirt.

Tell me your laundry horror stories!

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