Thursday, May 23, 2013

In the garden

Shirt won in a giveaway; Pants were thrifted

Our garden is coming along nicely and we've almost gotten it where we want it.  We had to forgo our plans for using hay bales and, instead, built another raised garden bed.  It was easier to haul lumber than it was to haul bales.   I don't have as much of a variety of veggies as I wanted, but I do have more tomatoes!  I love me a 'mater.  Last year, I had 22 plants.  This year I have 32.  Can you imagine the possibilities?  Spaghetti sauce!  Pizza sauce!  Homemade salsa!  Pico de gallo!  Tomato ice cream!

Okay, I was joking about that last one.  Can you tell I'm excited?  Gardening is so much fun.

How about you?  Do you garden?  If you do, are you more into veggies or flowers?  I might be able to grow tomatoes, but I sure can kill a flower...

I know it's not Wednesday, but I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy today for What I Wore Wednesday!

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