Thursday, May 16, 2013

Remix: #2 of 15

Belt and skirt were thrifted

There tends to be one outfit in each remix that kind of feels like cheating.  This is it.  I've worn this top and this skirt together before.  But that was winter and this is spring.  That was tights and this is bare (and pale*) legs.  I was wearing a necklace then and not now.  Mostly because the necklace fell behind the dresser and I'm too lazy to fish for it.  So, not quite cheating.

There, I feel better now that it's off my chest.

Did I tell you that my work schedule changed?  Probably not.  Instead of working five days a week, I'm working four.  We still work 40 hours a week, so that basically means that I have four l-o-o-o-ng days of work followed by Friday off, wherein I should presumably be doing housework that doesn't get done during the 12 hours that we are actually at home each day during the week.  Those 12 hours get filled up pretty quick.  I mean, technically, I should be sleeping for 8 of them.  And let's leave 1 hour for cooking dinner and cleaning it up and simultaneously making lunches for the next day and also maybe cooking the next night's dinner so all we have to do is heat it up.  And an hour and a half for bed time.  And maybe the hubs and I should eat dinner too?  Throw in laundry, because we cloth diaper and those get washed every day and I try to keep the clothing laundry caught up.  Oi, those few hours we're home each day go by fast.

All that to say that I am tired and on Friday all I want to do is take all the kids to school, go home, and sleep half the day.  And I'm really (really) going to try to not do that this summer.  So, what will my project be for this upcoming Friday, which is my first Friday off this summer?  Uhhh... which I just realized is tomorrow.  (where did this week go?!)  I'll be painting.  In the hot freaking sun.  I'm painting our front door and repainting our shutterss and also the front porch railing.  Fun times.

I only mean that half sarcastically.  As much as I love to shop for clothes and makeup, I love to shop for home improvement type things.  Lowe's, if you're ready this, we need to talk! (just joking.  kind of.)

Anyways, to recap.  I repeated an outfit.  I'll be painting a bunch on Friday.  This is exhilarating stuff, folks!

Today, I'm linking up with Tara for What I Wore to Work. 

*we'll blame the tights

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