Friday, June 21, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Please pardon this slightly obnoxious collage.  :)

The highlight of our past week was the Angry Birds party we threw this past weekend.  Our son loves the Angry Birds game, so I consulted my party planner* to collect some ideas for his party.

1 - Obviously, a cake.  I did this myself, using box cake and store bought frosting.  Ohhh, yeah.  We do things the easy way 'round here.  I dyed the frosting with Wilton's Sky Blue dye.

2 - He wanted a pinata, but our local party story didn't care any that were Angry Birds themed.  At first, I tried to convince him to get a pinata that was brightly colored and generic enough that it wouldn't be immediately obvious that it wasn't Angry Birds (like a sun with sunglasses), but then I realized that making a big deal over something we were, literally, paying to beat with a bat was ridiculous.  He picked an Optimus Prime pinata.  And that was that.

3 - This is the sling shot that my husband built in the back yard.  It was so much fun!  We used eye hooks and bungee cords for the sling shot portion.  I sewed the bungee cords into a rectangle of fabric.  And, I blew up approximately 500 water balloons for the kids to shoot at the boxes we set up.  One night last week, my hubby and I painted some pig faces on a few of the boxes.  It was a lot of fun!

4 - Here he is, posing with Optimus Prime's arm.  Like it ain't no thang.

5 - He received a pool from my parents, so of course we had to break it out during the party!  It was so hot, so I know they enjoyed playing in the water.

And that's about it!  His birthday is a major highlight of our summer every year.  It's really fun, to me, to plan birthday parties.

How was your week?

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