Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Polka dotty

Top and skirt were thrifted

This skirt again?  You betcha!  If you had told me two years ago that I would, essentially, use a navy and white polka dot skirt as a neutral staple in my wardrobe, I wouldn't have believed you.  This is easily my most worn skirt.  Not even a minor woopsy in the middle of the skirt deters me from it.

Do you see that blurry area in the middle of it?  That's not a photographic error or even a figment of your imagination.  That is a wet-swimsuitted-butt water stain.  Yup, that's right.  This is yet another dry clean only item nearly ruined by water.  How many things have I nearly ruined like this?  Well, only two come to mind, but I'm sure there are more. 

...Yup, just thought of another one.  I once put my lunch bag down on my bed without thinking and coffee from my travel mug, which was inside the bag, leaked out onto not my bed spread, but instead on a 100% silk cream Ann Taylor thrifted button-up shirt.  Complete with gorgeous tiny button details on the sleeves.  I only wore it once, and after the coffee incident I hung it in my closet in hope that the stain would magically disappear.  I even sprayed Oxi-Clean on the stain and then washed it with my normal laundry just on the off chance that it would look more uniformly destroyed and then it would be kind of perfectly imperfect?  That didn't work.  I don't own it anymore, and I don't remember how I got rid of it.  Honestly, I probably just gave it back to Goodwill.

....Where was I?  Oh, yes, the butt water stain.  Last year, on St. Patrick's Day, we got the pool-type stuff out for the kids since it was so warm.  And, in one swift scoop of my arms, picked up Isabelle in her wet swimsuit and sat her on my lap.  Later, after I decided I was tired of wearing a skirt, I had a dark blue stain over the tops of both my legs.  It took me a full day to realize what happened.

Now, I twist that portion to my side so it's less noticeable, but obviously I forgot to do that.  And out of that was born this horribly long blog post.

You are welcome!  Also, please tell me I'm not the only person who keeps ruining dry clean only clothes!!

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