Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Best

Sunday Best

Dress  /  Left: Earrings, Purse, Sandals  /  Right: Earrings, Purse, Flats

Remixing is apparently the theme for this weekend!  I'm back today with another one dress/two ways post.  These posts are fun, because I love remixing items to come up with different outfits.  These two outfits are similar, but I wanted to illustrate how one color palette can look two different ways.

On the left, it has more of an edgy vibe with the silver on the shoes, the tassel on the purse, and (ironically) the kitten earrings.  The right side is a classic version of the pink/white/black color palette.  The clean lines of the purse, the nautical earrings, and the sleek shoes give it a prim & proper feeling.  Even though the looks are similar, the small details can give you an individual look.

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