Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Tops galore! -ish!

I have a bad habit of thrifting things that I can't wear in the current season.  This is one such purchase.  I always (always) have luck in the grey sweater section of Goodwill.  Sometimes I have to avoid that rack, because I've had such good luck.  I mean, a girl only needs so many grey sweaters.  Am I right?  *this sweater isn't exactly grey, but that's the section it was in on the rack*

I was super excited to find this sweater for $4.62.  It's Coldwater Creek and 75% silk.  It's so incredibly soft.  I actually might not wear this sweater in public, because it feels like a snuggly sweater to wear on a cold day when you're stuck inside.  Most of the time, I try on clothes when I thrift, but when I saw this on the rack I was running late and took a chance by purchasing it without trying it on.  It fits perfectly!  Yay for luck!

Lately, I've been craving more prints in my wardrobe.  This top fits the bill.  This is actually a size L, which I wouldn't normally wear in LOFT.  However, this top is on the long side and it needs to fit over my hips.  I am a classic pear shape.  In fact, the size difference between my top and bottom is annoying.  My top is a small, my bottom is a large.  Or, if you go buy numbers, my top is more like a 6-8, and my bottom is a 10-12.  The bottom of this top fits over my hips.  I do need to take in the arm holes a bit, but once I do that it will be an absolutely perfect fit!

Have you thrifted anything awesome lately?

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