Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A stripey kind of day

Capris and shoes were thrifted

Is this summer flying by, or what?  I feel like just yesterday, I was looking at the pool supplies in Target and now I'm looking at school supplies.  I should be happy that our summer season doesn't really end when school begins.  However, summer after school begins isn't really the same as summer summer.  I'm soaking up this good weather as much as I can.

Last night, the kids and I stayed outside and colored with the sidewalk chalk until you couldn't see our skin under the chalk dust.  We watered all our dry, dry plants.  I checked on my monstrously tall tomato plants that haven't given me one dang 'mater yet.  They hollered over the fence just in case our (new) neighbors were home, because they wanted to play with their (brand new) friend next door.  They weren't home, but that didn't stop the boys from occasionally hollering in the general direction of their house anyways.  

The bath tub was filthy before I had even finished drawing the water for their baths, and we had to scrub chalk dust off the living room wall.  I left the kitchen window open while I washed the dishes, so I could hear the cicadas.  The veggie bin in our fridge has fresh cucumbers from friends' gardens, and it's been a bear trying to get the boys to just go to sleep in the evening.  Because, let's face it, it's more fun to stay up talking with your brother when the summer sunset is still peeking through your shades.

How have you been savoring summer? 

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