Monday, July 1, 2013

Makeup Monday: Cover Girl Flamed Out Shadow Pots

Today's Makeup Monday post is about a new line of eye shadows that Cover Girl recently released.  This is part of their Flamed Out products, which you might have seen with Pink in the commercials.  They came out with mascara, eyeshadows, and eyeshadow pens.  These are the only products I've picked up from the line, mainly because I was attracted to the turquoise eyeshadow.

I recently saw a Pacifica eyeshadow palette at Target that contains an eyeshadow similar to this, but that particular palette was $17 for four eyeshadows.  When I saw this similar color for $4.99, I scooped it up!  And since they were buy one, get one 50% off at the time, I picked up the caramel eyeshadow as well.

The pigmentation wasn't outstanding, but it wasn't sheer, either.  The shimmer was just enough and not too adolescent looking.  I've included pictures of a look I created with both of them.

 Turquoise Gold along top and bottom lash lines; Melted Caramel lightly across the lid and in the crease.

I always use a primer under my eyeshadows, because my eyelids are slightly oily and a bit hooded.  With that being said, the eyeshadow lasted the entire day.  I can't speak to how it would last without primer, because it just wouldn't last long on me anyways without it.  The shade range of this particular line is gorgeous.  There are a few more colors that I would like, but when I went back to my Walgreens they were nearly sold out!  Apparently, they have become popular and for good reason.

I haven't tried a colored cream eyeshadow base, but I think with the right color underneath these shadows you could really create an interesting look!

What's your favorite way to wear eyeshadow?  Do you ever use it as liner?

Today, I'm linking up with Carly and Molly for Funday Monday!

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