Monday, July 15, 2013

Makeup Monday: Rimmel Showoff Lip Lacquer

I am so excited to be writing this post.  These lip products have been long awaited by yours truly.  That sounds so stupid, but it's true.  In the UK, these are known as Rimmel Apocalips.  But, over here in the good ol' US of A, they're called Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer.

Blah, right?  I know.  My mind immediately went to cultural comparisons.  Why are Americans described as show offs?  Also, have you ever noticed how the UK has a lot of zombie apocalypse movies?  These were just a couple of nonsensical reasons I came up with for the difference in the names.

Anyways, if you've been living under a beauty world rock, these are one of Rimmel's recent products.  These lip lacquers are very highly pigmented and really pack on the color.  If you are tired of lip glosses and sheer lip colors, you have got to try these!  The shade names for the Apocalips and the Show Offs are the same, and they are all astronomical themed.

Top to bottom: Luna, Celestial, Big Bang

In the picture above, it's difficult to tell the difference between the two lighter shades.  I think it was just the lighting in that particular picture, because you can see the difference in the swatches below (they're in the same order in the swatches).

I did my standard 3-color initial buy - a nude, a pink, and a red.  All three are equally pigmented.  The lacquer is a bit thick and slightly sticky.  It's not so sticky that it gets annoying, though.  They last longer than a regular lip gloss, but I don't find that they necessarily stain my lips.  The red shade, Big Bang, does stain but the others do not.  I find with some lip glosses or products like this, the color wears off unevenly and kind of settles around the outer lines of my lips.  I'm glad to report that these do not do that.  

I'd like to touch on how easy they are to apply.  Now, bear with me, because I can hear you saying "Uhhhh, Rebecca, it's a lip product.  Just slap it on your lips and be done with it."

No, friends, no.  You can not do that with these.  They are slightly messy.  And by slightly, I mean you're probably going to get this mess on your hands and it ain't gonna be pretty.  I am the type of person who likes to apply lip products on the go.  I know exactly where my lip gloss is in my purse, and I grab it while I'm driving and apply it to my lips before you can blink your eyes.  With these, I have to concentrate on what I'm doing because one wrong move and I'll be wearing Big Bang as blush.

Left to right: Luna, Celestial, Big Bang

As far as the shades I purchased, I was most happy with a color that I got after this initial purchase.  That one is called Out of This World.  It's a pinkier, shimmery version of Celestial.  Celestial is my second favorite, followed by Big Bang and then Luna.  Out of This World is absolutely gorgeous, and Celestial is a "my lip color by darker" color.  Big Bang is a freakin' amazing red that is really POW! in your face.  Luna was pretty disappointing, because it was too orange-y for my skin tone.

Overall, I really (REALLY) like these lip lacquers.  Honestly, I wish they were named Apocalips here in the US, because that's just cool.  However, they seem to be exactly the same formulation and shades as the ones in the UK.

These are $4.99, and I found mine at Walgreens.  Have you purchased any of these?  Let me know if you have a different color that I should check out!

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