Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Polka Polka, Dot Dot

Necklace won in a giveaway; Skirt was thrifted

 I have been loving skirts lately. Even though it's been unbearably rainy, Eastern NC is still pretty hot right now.  Just the thought of putting on pants makes me break out into a sweat.  This particular skirt is structured yet still cool, so it's been a favorite of mine lately.

I've never thought to pair this skirt with such a casual denim button-up, but I think it works well!  The sad thing about my crazy summer work schedule is that I have minimal (re: zero) time in the evenings to play around with my wardrobe, hence I've felt like a broken record lately.  To break up the monotony, I've been stepping into our closet in the morning and giving myself about five minutes to throw together an outfit.

So far, it's worked out well.  Now, if I show up tomorrow in a crazy ugly outfit, you'll know why.

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