Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

It's Thrifty Thursday!  I am loving Thursday on the blog.  It's really helped me take stock of what's coming into my wardrobe.  Instead of just washing the items and chucking them in my closet (neatly, of course.  ha!), I let them sit out in plain site until I get around to photographing them and then I wash them and chuck them in the closet.  I've been thrifting in a more intentional way, too, since starting this series again.

First up!  This lovely, lovely dress.  I don't recognize the brand (North View), but it does have bra strap holders in the shoulder straps that have David's Bridal written on them.  Could this have been a bride's maid's dress, mayhaps?  Or maybe someone just got the strap holders put in by David's Bridal.  Either way!  This dress was around $4.50.  I didn't even try it on.  Our eyes locked, and it got tossed into my basket.  (lots of throwing around of the clothes today, eh?  I'm not sure what's come over me.)  I wore this here (Molly's awesome recape of the #TRIFabb shopping even).

This next item is from a local consignment store.  This is a bright green LOFT short-sleeved button up top.  I don't have any top in this color, and the price was enticing.  What was the price, you say?  $1.50.  I knew that it was in my size, but it got a proper try on anyways and it fit pefectly.  I imagine this tucked into a pencil skirt for work during the warm months.

This is the only item from this post that I actually tried on whilst in the consignment shop!  These shoes are so awesome.  I love how conservative and retro they feel, but they're still interesting with the cut out details on the sides.  I haven't worn these yet, but I imagine they would be comfortable even in the heat.  These will look awesome with a skirt or dress and tights in the fall/winter!  The brand is A.N.A., which I believe is from JCPenney?  I could be wrong about that.  They were $3.99.  Again, you can't beat the price!

And now for a new segment of these Thrifty Thursday posts.  I've learned a lot from thrifting over the past couple years.  At the bottom of these posts, I will be including a thrifty tip that has helped me thrift more intentionally.  I hope you all will enjoy this portion as much as I known I will enjoy writing them!

Thrifty Tip #1

In this post, I've illustrated exactly what not to do when you start thrifting, which is purchasing things without trying them on.  I made this mistake so much in the beginning, and I purchased a lot of things that disappointed me once I got them home.  It might feel weird trying things on in Goodwill, but you'll get used to it and your pocket book will love you for it.  After a while (and this has taken me a good year to do), you'll get used to looking at what will fit you.  Honestly, I do pick things off the rack without trying them on, but I have to have a really (REALLY) good feeling in order to do so.  And, as with the LOFT top, if I know my size in a particular brand that obviously makes me more confident in purchasing something without trying it on.  As a general rule, I leave myself enough time during my thrifting trip to properly try on things and think them over.

I hope you enjoyed this Thrifty Thursday post!  What's your #1 thrifting tip?

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