Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Waxing poetic about crumbs in my purse

Top and skirt were thrifted

So, here's something you've already seen (this outfit). . . and something you've never seen.  Have I ever posed with my purse?  I don't think so.  And here's why.  ...Just, um, look at the purse.

Did you see it?  Yeah, it's a total mom bag.  I mean, it's neutral (re: goes with everything) and cute in a utilitarian kind of way.  But, it's about 8 years old and slightly misshapen and let's not even get started on my crumb collection at the bottom of it.

This bag can hold my wallet, a cosmetic bag (that is entirely too full of lip products), a date planner, a double-pouch pouch that holds all types of important paper (re: coupons), my keys, my cell phone, and I even have room for a bottle of water or five.  Sometimes I can lay an umbrella across the top of all that and still zip it.  Sometimes I can throw in a diaper and some wipes, so it pretty much doubles as a diaper bag.  Of course, that's only when we're not carrying cloth diapers with us.  Let's not get crazy, right?!

I'm letting this useful little big purse take a break.  For now, it will rest in my closet, where it will be stuffed full of smaller purses and pouches so it can possibly regain its shape.  And maybe 8 years from now, I'll eventually get around to taking an outfit picture with the next purse I use.  Maybe.

Tell me, tell me!  Do you have a purse that's been used and abused but you just can't get rid of it because it's generally awesome?

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