Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gettin' all wild and crazy

Necklace was a gift; Dress was thrifted

 No, you're not seeing things.  I am, in fact, wearing a very busy pattern.  I know my usual style is pretty simple.  I like neutrals with the rare pop of color.  Classic, simple shapes are my jam.  But, when this dress and I locked eyes in the (you guessed it) Goodwill, it was a match made in thrifting heaven.  To be honest, I might be having a moment with my wardrobe, because the patterns I've been attracted to lately have been wild and very busy.  It's all aztec prints and tribal-y details with brights and neutrals intermingled.  

What is happening to me?

But, don't worry.  I haven't completely lost my fashion marbles.  I made sure to wear my usual go-to's -- the cognac flats and the tan cardigan.

What style have you been loving lately?

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