Friday, August 16, 2013

High Five for Friday!

1 - More beach pics!  We spent last weekend in Oak Island.  On Sunday morning, we took the Southport ferry to Fort Fisher and visited the aquarium there.

2 - Snack time on the beach!  Barbecue chips are a requirement for this.

3 - When we got back home from the beach, my Everlane order was waiting for me!  I ordered a black v-neck and a navy crew neck.  They fit perfectly.

4 - We call these her Bono sunglasses.  She likes to wear them upside down.

5 - I kind of numbered the pictures backwards somehow.  This is a picture of the sunset while we were driving through Wilmington to Oak Island.  We drive over quite a few bridges on the way, and bridges  So, I stare at the sunset instead!

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