Monday, August 26, 2013

Makeup Monday: Skin Treatments

I know these Monday posts are actually called Makeup Monday, but I've been featuring my skin care routine for the past few weeks.  This week is the third in my skin care series and I'll be showing you my favorite skin care treatment products.

These are products that I work into my skin care routine throughout the week.  I don't use all of them in one week.  Sometimes I just use one in a week!  I basically just listen to my skin and do what's appropriate for it.  Most of my skin treatments involve exfoliation, but since it's also important to moisturize I throw in my products that seriously moisturize my skin over night.  Seriously.

Let's get crack-a-lackin'!

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

This is a very affordable mask you can get at most drugstores.  It contains (you guessed it) mint, sulfur, and kaolin.  Sulfur is actually really great for treating acne.  I use this when my skin is acting up during a certain time of the month.  It's really great for clearing up my skin and making my pores look smaller.

Clinique Moisture Surger Overnight Mask

This is an overnight mask that I use over my nightly skin care routine.  It rehydrates your skin while you sleep.  When I use this, my skin feels soft and smooth and moisturized the next morning.

REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

This was a major favorite last year in the only beauty world.  It contains glycol lactic acid that helps to exfoliate the skin and rejuvenate it.  It smells so good.  It actually has an orange scent!  My skin looks so refreshed after I use it.

REN AHA Resurfacing Concentrate

This product is actually the one that started my love of REN.  This is a resurfacing treatment that exfoliates your skin.  It contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid.  The first time I used this, I was blown away by how smooth my skin felt the next morning.  We're talking baby soft smooth!  This is a staple in my skin care routine.

Boots Botanics Facial Oil

We're rounding this out with another great drug store product.  This is a facial oil that I use over night when I feel like my skin needs extra oomph in the moisture department.  It's organic and can be purchased at Target.  If you're nervous about trying a facial oil, this would be a great product to try out!  It only takes two drops to cover my entire face.  I just pat it in after my night time skin care routine!

I've also filmed a video about my favorite skin care treatments that includes a couple exfoliators that I love: here.

What are some of your favorite skin care treatments?  Tell me!

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