Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rebecca Reads: It's Your Money

I am so excited about this installment of Rebecca Reads!  This is a little different than the previous book posts I've done.  Eric from Words of Williams contacted me about his upcoming e-book (which comes out today!!).  I've been a longtime reader of Words of Williams, which is a marriage/parenting/lifestyle blog written by Eric and his wife Kelsey.  I found their joint blog via Kelsey's fashion blog.  They blog about everything from their lifestyle to their marriage to parenting, but the underlying focus of their blog is budgeting and being intentional with money.

I love their posts on budgeting.  In fact, I'm a bit of a budget junkie.  I love plugging in numbers and rearranging things to make it all work.  While Eric and Kelsey have shared their own personal struggles with debt, I also have mine.  When my husband and I got married (7 years ago this past Monday!), I was a little less than $25,000 in credit card debt.  That didn't include the car that I was still paying on.  Eric and Kelsey went through the Financial Peace University to snowball their own debt, and I went through a debt counseling service that helped me close my credit cards and schedule the payments that went out to all five of my credit cards over 4 1/2 years.

In 2010, I was done paying off my debt and have not held any credit card debt since then.  It was a very important and personal victory for me, and I learned a lot about my spending habits throughout that time.  I also learned how to budget.  And, most importantly, I learned the #1 lesson about money: if you always spend less than you make, you will always be rich.  Now, I never took this literally because I'm not rich.  But, the principle is that you should never spend more than you make.

Eric's book goes through his and Kelsey's struggle with debt.  It outlines how they went downhill with their money, how they realized that they needed to change, and what they've done to insure they stay on track.  The first section of the book is their debt story and at the end of each chapter Eric has a lesson (albeit wrought with dry humor, but still a lesson).  I appreciate that style of humor, so they made me laugh.

The second section is all about action.  Each chapter has a theme and at the end are around four actions that you can take in your own life to either move towards having a budget or improving what you are already doing with your budget.  That part was my favorite, because it was fun to answer the action questions.

There's a little something for everyone in this e-book.  If you already love Eric and Kelsey's blog, you will love this, too!  If you have never had a budget and want to make one, this will break it down for you.  The way Eric writes is so easy to read, it will change the way you think of budgets.  And the best part about the book?  Eric is a normal person who is not a millionaire telling you that you're spending your money wrong.  This book will be a tool you can use with your finances.

I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who likes to budget, needs to budget, or doesn't think they need a budget.  ;) 

You can purchase it on Amazon here (ebook) or here (paperback).

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