Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Kind of retro plus some sadly broken shoes x2

Today for Thrifty Thursday, I am featuring a recently thrifted skirt.

 Top was gifted; Skirt and belt were thrifted; Necklace won in a giveaway

As I am wont to do in Goodwill, I picked up another grandma skirt.  I love finding vintage-y skirts that look like they have been loved forever.  This one actually has a brand tag in it, but it's called "Personal."  That's just weird, and I'm not entirely sure that was an actual brand.  At any rate, I've worn this particular outfit twice.  The second time, I wore different shoes because my shoes broke.  

My shoes broke!  The foot part literally came off the heel part, if that makes any sense.  I was walking, and it just popped off!  I held it together with wall mounting tape until I got home, but it was so sad.  These (and my brown pair, which broke within 2 weeks of these in the same manner on the same foot) cost $15, so I'm not really feeling a trip to a cobbler, if you know what I mean?  They've always made my feet feel really uncomfortable the day after I wear them.  We've had a good run, these shoes and me.  I hate to see them go, but I'm also kind of glad I didn't have to make the call.  They usually end up in the 'possible donation' pile when I do a closet clean out, and they've always made their way back in.  So, I guess I'm sorry but also sorry I'm not sorry.

Shoes, man.  It's complicated.

Have you ever had a pair of shoes break while you were wearing them?

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