Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: A Tale of Two Black Skirts

Oh, happy day, it's Thursday!  Time for some thrifty goodies...

The day I bought these skirts, I took my own advice.  I had a plan and I followed it.  When I walked into Goodwill, I told myself that a black skirt would be found and it would be perfect for me!  And then I found two!!  This particular skirt has already been featured in an outfit, and I imagine it will be featured in many more.

I had to take a couple of shots of this skirt, because the pattern is so dang hard to see.  The only reason I got this in addition to the first skirt (because I don't like to by more of one "thing," unless it involves polka dots or stripes) is because it does have a subtle pattern.  This is an Ann Taylor skirt that I picked up for $3.62 after tax.  As you can see, the back is ever so slightly longer than the front.  It creates this lovely ruffly, swingy effect that was just too hard to pass up.  And so it goes, it decided to come home with me.

Thrifty Tip #3

I wish I had a thrifty tip that related directly to these purchase, but alas!  Today's tip involves brands.

When I first started thrifting, the thrill of finding a J. Crew, Ann Taylor, or an item of that "stature" was so much that I found myself purchasing things (almost) strictly for the name.  I never purchased anything that didn't fit or that I didn't like.  But, I purchased things that I didn't love.  And no matter where we purchase our clothes, we should love them for the right reasons.  If I get excited about a brand name item, take it to the dressing room, and then feel less excited about it after I try it on; well, I make myself put it back.  Sometimes I have a little argument with myself like "but, I could sell it on ebay..."  No, just no!  If I don't have outfit plans for an item, then I don't purchase it.

Have you ever let yourself buy a brand name item for cheap just because it was name brand?  Tell me about it! (I mean that literally as much as I mean it rhetorically)

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