Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

Happy Thrifty Thursday!  This was a good trip to Goodwill...

I fell in love with this purple Merona dress as soon as I saw it.  The material looks and feels well made, and it's light weight.  I could easily wear this in the summer., but I think I'll save it for fall and winter.  This was $4.90 after tax.  (and hello!  pockets!)

So, I'm trying a new tactic when I go to Goodwill.  Usually, I don't have a specific plan.  I might want to look for a black cardigan when I walk in, but I might not even make it to that rack!  I want to be more intentional when I thrift and really search for the things that I want to add to my wardrobe.

I've been wanting a pair of either white pants or white skinny jeans.  Before I left for my lunch hour on this particular day, I said to myself (quietly, of course) "I will find a pair of white pants."  (p.s. i do mean for this to be slightly goofy!  i am trying to be intentional, but the fact that i've been talking to myself about it is funny).  When I got to Goodwill, I made my way to the white pants rack, went through every single pair, and I found these!  They're not entirely perfect, as I will need to cut out the pockets and sew them shut (all white pants should be lined!).  They're also a tad long for what I want, and they need to be tapered in a bit.  They were $3.62.

Oh, this skirt.  I love this skit!  This is from H&M and it is so comfortable.  I've been wanting a navy/white striped skirt for a while, so I was super excited to find this.  This was $3.62.

These are one of my favorite shoe finds from Goodwill.  These Madison heels don't look like they've ever been worn.  There is absolutely no wear on the soles!  The leather strips are super comfortable and don't cut into my feet at a weird spot.  These are definitely going to be a staple for the rest of the summer!  They were $4.90.

Thrifty Tip #2

So, the white pants discovery has led me into my next tip... which is to be intentional while you thrift!  I have made the mistake in the past of going into a thrift store without a plan.  Let's be honest, I've gone into many a store (thrifting or not) without a plan.  Either way, make a plan and (mostly) stick to it!

And here's why.

Because whether you go into a store with or without a plan, you will find something that you love and want to buy.  Leave room for impulse purchases if you enjoy that.  My goal for thrifting is to have a functional wardrobe for cheap, and my closet will not be functional if I buy things willy nilly all the time.  I keep a running list of the things that I feel are closet "needs" and shop for at least one or two "needs" when I go thrifting.  My list of "wants" is always changing, and I do like to make some room for impulse purchases (pieces that might be on the more trendy side, etc.).

And there you have it!  Make a thrifting plan and stick to it.  When you shop (thrifting or otherwise), do you have a plan?

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