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Vacation Style: One Dress, Three Ways

Today, we have something a little different here on Rebecca Lately! contacted me for an interview about my blog.  In addition, they brought us a great article on a cheap and chic vacation outfit!  You can read my interview here.  

And without further adieu, we shall learn how to pack on the cheap...

Cheap & Chic Travel Tips: How to Wear One dress, 3 Ways

By Brittany Anas, (

My penchant for traveling light started off as a way to keep my dog calm. If we pull out the suitcases a day or two before a trip and start emptying our closets into them, Sir Tyson Barkford gets nervous and has a doggy meltdown.

It’s emotional and begins with him digging through our bags in angst and parading around the house with socks clutched in his mouth. Then, it morphs into him snubbing us (how dare we break up the mini-wolf pack that is our household and leave without him?!)

My new packing approach: Travel lightly so my dog thinks we’re just headed out to the gym. The unintended -- but delightful -- consequence? We save money. No extra baggage fees (whoo-hoo!) and, with little luggage, we can rent a more affordable compact car and not worry about playing Tetris with our suitcases. Traveling light also nudges me to think about how I can get the most out of what I pack, which conforms with my philosophy that a little creativity can do more for your daily outfits than spending a ton of money.

We’re San Diego-bound this weekend and, as the self-appointed CFO of the trip, I’m proud to have enacted lots of cost-savings measures. If you’re planning a vacation, your best bet is to browse travel coupons. You can get a good deal of Cash Back on airfare and hotel bookings -- which, if you’re like us, will be “re-invested” in something like a brunch on the harbor and surfboard rentals. I just spotted 10 percent Cash Back on reservations made with Travelocity.

Here’s what I’m packing and how I’m saving money (all while dodging a guilt trip from my four-legged son):

My LBD. Little Blue Dress. I’m a sucker for remixing my wardrobe and found the easiest way to do that is to use a classically cut, solid-colored dress as the “blank canvas” -- and transform it with different accessories.

I found a similar blue cap-sleeved dress at Target for $25 -- plus you get a 2 percent Cash Back rebate when you buy with

Combo 1: For a “let’s go to the pier” look, I’m drawn to a denim jacket juxtaposed with a feminine floral scarf. (The scarf is on sale at Aeropostale plus, you can score 4 ½ percent Cash Back). Another wardrobe trick I like is thrifting a silky and colorful vintage scarf and tying it to my purse handles to transform the purse from a serious one that travels to and from work to one that is fun and vacation-ready.

Combo 2: For a dinner look, the dress can easily be switched up with some Southwestern-style accessories. To complement the clutch, I found some chevron gold earrings from Piperlime (one of my favorite places to find good deals on designer duds that is also a regular on the Cash Back roster).

Combo 3: I’m depending on a pretty statement necklace and bright pair of shoes to transform the dress. The bib necklaces that looks like a burst of sunshine in necklace form is from Max and Chloe, where you can nab 3 percent Cash Back.

Happy (and light) travels!

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