Friday, September 27, 2013

High Five for Friday!

1 - Polkas and bubbles.  Love it.

2 - Sometimes rushing to get the kids ready for church leaves me with zero time to get myself ready.  And so it goes.  Jeans it was.

3 - I love cooking on Saturdays. LOVE.  I went all out this particular Saturday and made shrimp/bell pepper/onion shish kabobs (with the left over bell peppers from the garden), shrimp/bell pepper/onion stir fry, and spicy rice.  We had some veggies on the side and I know I made another main dish for the kids (since only one of them likes to eat shrimp), but I can't remember what it was.

4 - Coffee and Austen.  The perfect way to spend a lunch hour.  I've since finished Pride & Prejudice and might do a Rebecca Reads on it.  I hesitate only because it's a classic, so it's not like it's an unknown treasure.

5 - I've had a thing for blues and turquoise this week, haven't I?

How was your week?  I'll be starting off my weekend right with a girl night in Greenville with a good friend.  Well, I say "girl night," but we're really going to Once Upon a Child to sell some of our kids' clothes and stuff like that.  So, while it's not what a "girl night" usually entails, it will be fun nonetheless!

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