Monday, September 23, 2013

Makeup Monday: L'Oreal Colour Riche Velvety Full Coverage Lipcolour

I'm back today to talk about this wonderful (and new!) lip product I found in Target within the past couple weeks.  These are called Velvety Full Cover Lipcolours.  They come in two formulations, La Lacque (slightly glossy) and Le Matte (matte, obvs).  I first saw these on Ashley's Youtube channel and knew I wanted to try them!

I purchasd one Le Matte in She's So Matte and two La Lacques in Never Lacque-ing and Lacque-onic.

These are extremely pigmented and, as the name suggests, full coverage.  The tubes are pretty close to being the exact color of the product.  So, if you're thinking about purchasing them you can depend on the outside of the tube to show you what the color will look like.  As far as staying power, these lip colours stay for the majority of the day.  Personally, I always have a cup of coffee or bottle of water with me throughout the day.  In other words, I really put my lip products to the test.  These not only last very long but also stain your lips a bit.

 The only down side to these is the scent/smell.  L'Oreal lip products tend to have a very lipstick-y lipstick smell ... if that makes sense.  And, to add to that, these smell faintly of Desitin when you apply them.  That's right.  Desitin.  It wasn't very strong, nor did I smell it while I was wearing it.  It's not really a con; more like a side note.

You can find these at Target for $7.99.  I haven't found them online or at any of my local drug stores yet, but I've also heard that you can find them at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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