Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

I'm back with Thrifty Thursday today!  I have a couple items that I'm excited to show you.

This top caught my eye on the rack, but then I immediately thought it looked weird.  It's a weird shape, there are boob pockets, and it has unnecessary ties on the back.  The color and material were so nice, though, that I was tempted to try it on.  It looks surprisingly good on!  It's one of those things that looks weird on a hanger but awesome on a person.  It's by LC Lauren Conrad and I got it for $3.62.

This Bass skirt was an exciting find.  One, I love a good stripe.  Two, I love this shape of skirt but it rarely looks good on me.  I think the placement of the pleats is what makes it look better on my hip-y shape.  I'm not really sure, though.  At any rate, I was super excited that it fit and looked good!  I got this for $4.69.

Thrifty Tip #5

This tip isn't specific to thrifting, because it could apply to shopping in general.  Don't be turned off by the way something looks on a hanger.  It wasn't made to fit a hanger!  It was made to fit a person.  I know I'm guilty of passing on items on the racks simply because they don't look good.  I need to remind myself that most items look much better when you're wearing them.

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