Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

Holy polka dots, Batman!  Let's get started with our Thrifty Thursday!

I saw this, I fell in love, I bought it.  For $4.67.  It's from Forever 21 and I don't care.

I had to take a few shots of this beautiful sweatshirt . Did I just say that??  Beautiful sweatshirt?  When Jill wrote about fall trends last month, my ears perked up because I had already purchased this sweat shirt.  And I've been having a thing for sweatshirts lately.  So, I guess that means I'm a fashionista and I didn't know it.  Or something.  Anyways!  So, I got this sweatshirt for $4.67 (sweater section, yo) and I'm excited to wear it with pajama pants.

Just joking!  It'd look pretty cool with leggings and a tee, since it's kind of cropped.

p.s.  Jill also wrote about polka dots for the fall.  Shazzam!  Fashionista all over the place!

Thrifty Tip #7

I don't have all day to browse the racks, so being scrupulous with my thrifting time is important to me.  I try to be ruthless when deciding what to try on and try to only take items to the dressing room that are the right size.

If you're unsure of whether an item will fit and debating whether to take it to the dressing room, take it off the hanger and hold it up to you.  For a skirt, I hold it up to my lower half and straighten the fabric across my hips (since that's basically the deciding factor on skirts fitting, for me).  If I can hold the skirt from the outer side of one hip to the outer side of my other hip and I don't have to pull it taut, I will try it on.  Basically, I'm seeing if one half of the skirt will fit across one half of my body.  Simple, right?

For shirts, I will slide my arm into one sleeve discreetly in the aisle as long as I'm not wearing a baggy shirt.  If the length of the sleeve seems okay and it doesn't feel tight around my upper arm, I'll try it on.  I do the same with sweaters.  For jackets, I try them on over clothing (obviously) when I'm in the aisle unless I feel the need to look in a mirror.

For pants, I go by the size on the tag.  I rarely buy vintage pants, so size differences aren't usually an issue.  Also, pants are so funny that I stick to brands I know when I thrift them.

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