Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

As you can see, this is the pants edition of Thrifty Thursday.  I'm still working on a thrifting trip I took a while back with my bff.  I found so many great things that you'll be seeing this trip for the new few weeks still!

If I could be defined by a pair of pants, these would be it.  These are SO darn comfortable.  I've worn them no less than five times since I purchased them.  The brand is Madison, which I believe is sold at Belk.  They are the perfect pant for the cooler months.  I'm sure they would be great in the warm months, too, because they are not very heavy or thick.  I bought these for $4.69.

xyz!  (haha...)

Now, these are winter pants.  This pair of pants is by Banana Republic.  They are wool and lined.  le sigh.  The only complaint I have is that they're a bit long, so I need to either have them hemmed (I would not hem these myself) or simply wear taller shoes with them.  I have a feeling I'll be sticking with the taller shoes.  These were also $4.69.

Thrifty Tip #8

Warning: this week's tip is going to sound ridiculous. 

We've all had buyer's remorse.  But, do you ever have shopper's remorse?  It's pretty much the exact opposite of buyer's remorse, since you didn't purchase something and then later regret it (yes, I just made up this term).  I have passed up numerous items due to second guessing.  When I can't get an item out of my head, I go back to find it. 

About 25% of the time it will be there.

So, this week's tip is: when you think you're going to really, really love an item -- don't second guess yourself.  Listen to your instincts and you'll end up with more thrifted items you love than ones that you don't.

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