Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A purple and tan

Top and pants were thrifted

If purple doesn't scream fall, I don't know what does.  Over the small life of this blog, I've realized that I'm quite seasonal about things.  Purple is one of those colors that I just don't wear unless it's cold ... or slowly getting colder (eastern NC, get colder, darn it!).

Other things I'm seasonal about?  Movies and music.  Lately, I've been craving Friends (Season 3, disc 2, The One With the Football.  You know you love it, too), You've Got Mail, and Amelie.  As far as music goes, I tend to pull out anything by Norah Jones, Deathcab for Cutie, or Dido.

Yup, I get totally mellowed out in the fall.  All I want to do is wear purple, curl up with a movie, and listen to chilled-out music.  But not all at the same time.

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