Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Casual Style

Fall Casual Fashion
Sweater was thrifted; Shoes were won in a giveaway

Fall Casual Fashion
obviously perturbed about the lighting situation

Two things happen this time of year.

1) We start taking my outfit photos inside.  We use one of two locations -- either here, in front of the back doors, or at the end of our hallway.  This is the best location during the day and the hallway is the "best" at night.  

2) Our back windows turn into an art gallery for the kids' art work from school.  I love it!  Last year, we had a combination of this and their art work, but it was a bit much.  This year, we'll still to just art work until Christmas rolls around.  Then, we take everything down and put up construction paper trees that they decorate with (flat) paper ornaments.  It's the one time of the year that I gladly say, "Sure!  Put tape ALL OVER the window!"  I only mildly regret it when I'm scraping tape off the window in February, which is (let's face it) when I get around to taking it all down.

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