Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rebecca Reads: Pride & Prejudice


Top and skirt were thrifted

The only funny thing I could think to talk about today was the fact that my face has been as spotty as this shirt.  But that's not funny, so we're moving right along to...

Pride & Prejudice

To be honest, I feel a little silly reviewing such a classic book.  I will not be saying anything that hasn't been said before.  So, I'm going to make a list of reasons of why you should read it:

+ It's a classic.  For the record, I'm a firm believer in reading the classics.  I'm also a firm believer in reading bad books, too.  I guess I just believe in reading.  So, there's one reason.
+ If you like love stories, you will love this.
+ For all the wonderfulness that is Pride & Prejudice, the craziness of the social hoop-jumping that the Bennett sisters partake in will have you equal parts rolling your eyes and laughing.
+ It's fun to yell at a book because you're mad at the main characters.  It just is.
+ It's also fun to get gushy at imagining Mr. Darcy as Colin Firth, because I really can't imagine Mr. Darcy otherwise.*  Also, the part where he tells Elizabeth he loves her?  My heart might have pitter-pattered.  Just a little bit.
+ It's also yet another way to live vicariously through the lives of (albeit, fake) rich people (who lived in a completely different era).
+ The manners and upbringing of that period are so interesting to me.  Austen uses Elizabeth Bennett to convey the idea that wealth does not always = advantages, and that upbringing is more important than social standing and wealth.
+ After all the eye-rolling at the silliness of the Bennett sisters, you realize that this was written during the same time period it's set in and that Jane Austen was probably being quite bold with her social commentary.

This is a definite re-read for me, personally.  I will get gushy over the love story every.single.time.  I mean, I go through the book yelling "WHY CAN'T ELIZABETH AND MR. DARCY JUST GET ALONG."  And then, when I'm done, I think "WHY DID IT TAKE THEM THE WHOLE BOOK TO DO THAT."  But, then I go back and re-read it.  So, yeah.  I just love it.

Thoughts?  Guess what I'm reading right now.  The Shining.  I can only read it when the sun is up.

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*side note: the funniest part of the Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason book could never make it into the movie version.  Bridget interviews Colin Firth about his role as Mr. Darcy (it's a total lol) ... but Colin Firth actually plays Bridget Jones's boyfriend in both of the Bridget Jones movies.  He obviously couldn't play himself and Mr. Darcy.  So, okay.  Yeah, we get the point.  Bridget can get Mr. Darcy and so can we.  But, that part was so funny and I'll never be able to view it in movie form.**

**I'm not that upset about it.

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