Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: A Work Outfit

Button-up, pants, and shoes were thrifted

I love this top.  Have I said that enough?  I can't wait until it's full-on sweater weather so I can wear this peeking out of the bottoms and sleeves of sweaters.  The colors are so cheerful.  I suppose it helps that blue and orange are complementary.  #usedtobeanartstudent

Can you tell I haven't hemmed these pants?  It's actually been nice pulling out my taller heels to wear with these pants.  I can't say my feet feel the same way, but these won't be on the top of the mending pile any time soon.

Thrifty Tip #9

This week's thrifting tip is related to mending in a round about way.  When you're purchasing thrifted items, be aware of how worn an item is.  I have purchased quite a few items that seemed perfectly fine, only to have them literally break while wearing them (a pair of shoes) or to have a seam come loose (a pleat on a dress).  Now, I might not have been able to foresee a busted seam in the dress (which can easily be fixed).  But, the elastic on the shoes was actually worn and stretched and if I had taken a moment to really look at the shoes, I probably wouldn't have purchased them.  Ahh, the excitement of the hunt!  It can make you overlook small details that might affect your purchase decisions.

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