Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

This is a bit of a miscellaneous thrifting post...  You have been warned.

Hello, gorgeous spring skirt that won't be worn until next year!  I bought this skirt knowing that my mood most likely wouldn't strike me to wear it until the weather is warmer.  But, could you pass up this Ann Taylor skirt for less than $5?  It's the perfect shape for me (a-line) and the fabric feels so nice.  It's also lined, which is a plus for lighter colored skirts.

I have a new love in the form of these shoes.  I've wanting a pair of t-strap flat sandals for a couple years.  Until now, I haven't found the right combination of color/worn-in-ness/size.  I nearly passed these by, because the heels are not my favorite style.  I would much prefer them to be thinner, but methinks I will wear them down to the thinness I like.  $4.62?  No brainer (once I did a double-take).

Thrifty Tip #8

If you have a couple hours to set aside for thrifting, do it.  Unfortunately, I don't have that much time for any given thrifting trip.  However, if I could, I would!  My shopping style is laid back and browse-y.  I like to go through the racks at my own rate and really think about the things I find.  I've figured out how to get around this by knowing my own style, size, and peculiar preferences.  But, my tip today is: if you have a couple hours to thrift, take them!  You'll be glad you gave yourself time to browse.

How about you?  How much time do you spend thrifting?  If you have a limited amount of time, what do you do to be efficient?

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