Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

It's Thrifty Thursday!  But you already knew that because that's the title of the post!

Why, hello, new work shoes!  This is a pair of A.N.A. (J.C.Penney?) round toe wedges.  The criss-cross detail drew me in.  I also like the detail on the back, where the upper shoe material continues down the back of the heel.  These are so comfortable at work.  This is one of my favorite pair of thrifted shoes.  They also go with everything!  They were $4.62.

Why, hello, new work shoes that hurt my feet!  Ahhh, these shoes.  I've been on the market for some new black heels (or wedges) for work.  I love these wedges, but the balls of my feet feel sore at the end of the day.  The heel is a little high for me, but I also love that about them.  The brand is Franco Fortini, which I've never heard of before.  Even though my feet physically hate these, I still love them.  They were $4.62.

Thrifty Tip #10

So, shoes.  I have one main point about thrifting shoes.  If someone has gotten rid of a great pair of shoes, there must be a reason.  If you find yourself wondering "why the heck would someone get rid of these?" then try to find out why.  Maybe the elastic was getting worn out.  Maybe the heel is to high.  Maybe the heel is to low!  Maybe they're seriously scuffed up or maybe they hurt.  Although I'm not afraid of buying used shoes, I've bought enough lemons in shoe form to know that no one gets rid of a perfect shoe.  With that being said, the majority of my favorite shoes were thrifted.  Perhaps one lady's shoe trash is my shoe treasure?  I am just more careful than I used to be about inspecting thrifted shoes before I fork over the cash, so I've become increasingly more satisfied with my second hand footwear.

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