Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Finding my mojo

Fall Office Fashion 1

Fall Office Fashion 2

Fall Office Fashion 3
Everything was thrifted (oh yeah)

 I don't know if it was apparent here on the blog, but I kind of lost my fashion mojo for a bit.  Standing in front of my closet in the mornings, I started over thinking things and trying to remix things a little too much.  You know what always works?  Going with the flow.  I've spoken before about challenging myself to spend five minutes in my closet in the morning.  And that's it.  Five minutes, get dressed, and get out.

I am infinitely happier with what I wear when I do that.  And I have a hunch it's because I gravitate towards my favorite pieces when I have limited time to choose.  Imagine that!

Today, I'm linking up with Walking in Memphis in High Heels and The Fashion Canvas for their layering link up.

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