Sunday, November 24, 2013

JuicyCanvas: A New, Innovative Business

I wanted to take a moment to let you all know about a company I came across via BrandbackerJuicyCanvas is a new start up that uses contemporary art and an innovative business model to let customers create their own clothing, art, and accessories.  I know that this is not my usual style of post, but I thought their website is so cool that I had to share it!

Basically, you choose your design (which has been created by an artist and submitted to their site) and from there you can customize the size, color, scale, and rotation.  At the moment, they are offering wrapped canvas art pieces.  In the future, they will be offering tees, hoodies, phone cases, and many more items!  How cool would it be to design your own t-shirt and have it made for you?

Here is some information about the founders of the company:

"Artur Maklyarevsky and Deb Brugiati recently launched JuicyCanvas, the first art and fashion marketplace that allows you to remix trending art and print it onto products.  This week, they've launched their Indiegogo crowd funding campaign and are seeking the backing of fashion enthusiasts as they realize a vision of individual expression through fully remixable clothing.

The husband-wife-baby trio are from Buenos Aires/New York,art lovers and strong believers of active, creative, consumers.  It's their vision to create a world where everything can be remixed, redesigned and personalized.

JuicyCanvas has amassed 200 international trending artists and designers, and with their Indiegogo campaign, any of these works can be customized and then printed onto apparel, including baby onesies, t-shirts and hoodies." 

You can check out their awesome website here.  Some of my favorite designs are here, here, and here.

Other places you can find them:
Indiegogo Campaign  

JuicyCanvas :: IndieGogo from JuicyCanvas ♥ Remix Your World on Vimeo.

I hope you all will check out JuicyCanvas.  I am not being compensated for this post.  I genuinely think this is an awesome idea and hope they meet their Indiegogo goal!

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