Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My apologies

Nothing was thrifted ... whaaa?

Well, friends.  This is the very last photo wherein I will have to apologize for awful, awful lighting.  ...Actually, I take that back.  I might have to apologize next year, but as far as this year is concerned I'm back to taking pictures in the morning!  I love the fall time change, don't you?  The kids go to bed "earlier," I can get up on time because the sun is up, and the lighting in the morning is gorgeous again.

My husband took these pictures of me after I got home from a blogger event last week, which is why I look so rumpled.    The event was so much fun!  I met a ton of new bloggers that are so nice.  It was easily one of the best blogger events I've gone to so far.  While I was there, I purchased a new clutch even though I'm pretty much on a spending ban.  And by "pretty much," I mean I am but ... I've purchased some things that felt like necessities.  Like the shoes you see above.  And maybe a sweater and a pair of pants.  And my favorite $38 CC cream that I got for a magical $4.

Speaking of shopping, I'm on the hunt for a nice, used Madewell Kensington satchel in brown (technically, it's called English Saddle).  It's going to be my birthday present to myself this year, and I'm not going to spend the full price $198, even if I have to wait for one of Madewell's 40% off sales.  If you know of anyone trying to sell one, send them my way, please!

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